Andrey Melentyev

+46 76 0978835


Senior Software Engineer, Klarna

Build and support near real-time fraud detection and credit assessment systems serving thousands of requests per second.

  • Refactored a monolithic data-intensive Spring app backed by Postgres into a number of microservices improving maintainability and scalability.
  • Learned to appreciate infrastructure as code, continuous delivery pipelines and containers, adopted you build it, you run it attitude.
  • Became familiar with AWS, worked with EC2, S3, RDS, CloudFormation and other cloud products.
  • Built feature extraction pipelines for machine learning models using Hive enabling code reuse between model training and inference.
  • Together with two colleagues prepared and gave a talk on gender diversity in the engineering department of the company.
  • About to finish a fraud detection system labelling connected components in a stream of data using Akka, Kafka and Redis.

Software Engineer, Exigen Services

Exigen Services is an IT consultancy company with well-defined software development processes. Notable assignments:

Deutsche Bank London Asset Services

Event Repository—a reference data service, the golden source of Corporate Action events for the bank.

  • Assumed the system architect role, was the go-to person for system design and cross-system integration.
  • Modern (at the time) Java EE stack, Oracle RDBMS, Weblogic, message-driven architecture with SWIFT and XML messages passed over MQs.
  • The system was a part of the SOA landscape, exposing SOAP over JMS endpoint using Apache CXF.

T-Mobile Germany

eCare/TIBET—a mobile phone customer self-service portal and order management system.

  • Gained hands-on Java knowledge, learned a lot about J2EE, Spring Framework, Weblogic and web applications in general.
  • First exposure to a mature service-oriented architecture, both providing and consuming SOAP over HTTP web services.
  • Joined as a trainee and by the end of the assignment was able to mentor newcomers and gave talks on the system landscape.


St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia, Applied Mathematics,